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Discover Yakeclimate’s efficient dehumidification technology — bringing energy-efficient, reliable climate control solutions to your industrial settings. With global partners in over 30 countries, we are dedicated to delivering services that exceed expectations.


If you are looking for dehumidifiers or foundries,our existing products can provide mature dehumidification solutions for you.


If you have special customization demands,our professional R&D team can help you with quick marketization!

Product and Manufacturing Advantages

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Our manufacturing process represents the pinnacle of industry standards, from precision component machining to stringent assembly procedures, every Yakeclimate dehumidifier is a guarantee of quality.

Innovative Dehumidification Technology

Yakeclimate dehumidifiers, featuring advanced desiccant and refrigerant technologies, are equipped for efficient moisture absorption and cooling, ensuring continuous and stable dehumidification in various environments.

High-Efficiency Energy Cycle

Our regeneration heat source system precisely controls the heating process to optimize energy use, ensuring energy-saving operation while maintaining low dew point capabilities, suitable for various industrial needs.

Advanced Control System

Comprehensive control panels and smart sensors, including humidity and temperature sensors, automatically monitor and adjust the indoor environment, delivering optimal dehumidification efficiency.

Eco-Friendly Design

Equipped with efficient fans and heaters, Yakeclimate dehumidifiers offer maximum dehumidification power while reducing energy consumption, supporting your green operations.

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As the Chinese idiom goes, “seeing is believing”. We sincerely hope to “toast” with you, welcome to our factory!

Qualifications & Certificates

Based on years of exporting experience, we have complete qualifications and various certifications,So that we can deliver products for you smoothly and demonstrate our professionalism and quality.

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Our company has been focusing on dehumidifiers for 12 years. Our products are widely used in the commercial field, and their quality is very stable, with a defective rate of less than 0.4%.

10PCS. If you want to test the product quality, we can also accept the sample order first.

Certainly! We have professional designers who can help you design artworks. This is a free service that can save you money. This service does not charge you any fees and can help control your budget.

Sure! We are committed to helping you better promote your brand.

We choose cold-rolled steel material, which has good durability and heat resistance. You are also welcome to put forward your needs.

We can provide you with samples for testing, and we can deduct this cost for you from bulk orders in the future.

We have an R&D team of more than 10 people, most of whom have worked in HVAC industry for more than 8 years.

It generally takes 25 working days after receiving the advance payment or L/C bill. If it is a customized order, we need to discuss it additionally.

We have produced and sold dehumidifiers for 12 years. So far, few customers report quality problems. If you encounter any quality problems, please let us know. Our engineers will analyze and provide you with a satisfactory solution, meanwhile we will send you repair parts the first time.

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Leave email, get the product manuals、quotations,and technical documents. No spam.