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How to purchase industrial dehumidifiers from China.

With the development of globalization, more and more buyers are turning their attention to China in search of Chinese suppliers who offer obvious price advantages and guaranteed quality. As one of the important equipment in various factories, industrial dehumidifiers have gradually become a popular product for foreign manufacturers to purchase. So, how to choose the right industrial dehumidifier supplier from China and ensure that the equipment meets the standard of quality and is worth the investment?

As a leading industrial dehumidifier manufacturer in China, Yakeclimate is pleased to share our exclusive industry information with you.

1、Understanding the regional distribution of Chinese industrial dehumidifier suppliers.

China is the country with the highest industrial dehumidifier production in the world, and there are thousands of suppliers of all sizes in the market. Most of these companies are located in the industrial zones of the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta, relying on well-established supply chains and rich manufacturing experience to ensure the quality of their products. At the same time, the prices of Chinese industrial dehumidifiers are also significantly competitive.

On the other hand, some larger industrial dehumidifier brands in China have also obtained international quality certifications such as CE, UL, and ISO9001 (Yakeclimate has all of these certifications), which can increase the confidence of global customers. Overall, reducing purchasing costs while ensuring quality assurance is the main consideration for global buyers when choosing Chinese suppliers.

Chinese industrial dehumidifier manufacturers are mainly located in Zhejiang, Guangdong, and Jiangsu provinces.

Zhejiang is China’s innovation capital, full of boundless creativity.

There are multiple reasons why Zhejiang province has become an important region for Chinese industrial dehumidifier manufacturers.

Zhejiang is a powerhouse in the electronic information industry, particularly with advantages in the home appliance manufacturing sector. As industrial dehumidifiers are widely used in areas such as households, industries, and commerce, Zhejiang’s electronic information industry provides abundant technical and market support for their production.

As one of China’s more developed provinces, Zhejiang has numerous manufacturing companies that span across various fields such as home appliances, textiles, and chemicals. This concentration of manufacturing has provided convenience for the production of industrial dehumidifiers, such as shared supply chains and technological cooperation.

Zhejiang is located in the Jiangnan region and has a humid climate with high humidity. This climate condition has made industrial dehumidifiers play an important role in both production and daily life, meeting the market’s demand for dehumidifying equipment.

The Zhejiang provincial government actively promotes the development of the manufacturing industry, especially the home appliance industry, and provides policy support in areas such as taxation and finance, creating a favorable business environment for industrial dehumidifier companies.

Zhejiang has always had a vibrant entrepreneurial atmosphere, with many entrepreneurs emerging. These entrepreneurs’ market insights and innovative ideas have driven the development of the industrial dehumidifier industry.

In summary, Zhejiang province, with its electronic information industry advantages, manufacturing concentration effects, adaptability to climate conditions and market demands, policy support, and vibrant entrepreneurial atmosphere, has become an ideal location for many industrial dehumidifier manufacturers. These factors have collectively promoted the flourishing development of the industrial dehumidifier industry in Zhejiang province.

YAKE Climate | Dehumidifier & Humidifiers Manufacturer in China

Guangdong, as a major hub of China’s manufacturing industry, shines with dazzling manufacturing brilliance.

Firstly, Guangdong has the Pearl River Delta port connecting the Chinese mainland and global markets, providing abundant resources for the procurement of industrial dehumidifier raw materials. Secondly, Guangdong is one of the most open provinces in China and has attracted a large amount of foreign investment and technology since the reform and opening-up policies were implemented. This has promoted the rapid development of Guangdong’s manufacturing industry, providing excellent partnerships and market opportunities for industrial dehumidifier manufacturers.

At the same time, the industrial chain in the Guangdong region is very complete, from the procurement of raw materials, processing, to the production of finished products, forming a close-knit industrial chain that greatly reduces production costs and improves production efficiency. Moreover, Guangdong’s export trade environment is very favorable, which provides convenience for the international market expansion of industrial dehumidifiers.

Jiangsu province has numerous industrial dehumidifier manufacturers due to its many advantages.

Firstly, Jiangsu has a strong foundation in the manufacturing industry, and the development of industries such as machinery, electronics, and chemicals has formed a powerful manufacturing concentration effect, providing abundant technical and supply chain support for industrial dehumidifier production. Secondly, Jiangsu is located on the eastern coast of China, adjacent to important cities such as Shanghai, and its advantageous geographical location brings convenient logistics and trade environments for the manufacturing and sales of industrial dehumidifiers. In addition, as one of China’s economically developed regions, Jiangsu has a huge market demand, with strong demand for dehumidifying equipment in industries, commerce, and households, providing manufacturers with broad market opportunities. Furthermore, Jiangsu has abundant human resources, including engineers, technicians, and business management talents. The active participation of these talents has driven the continuous innovation and improvement of industrial dehumidifier technology.

Therefore, if you want to purchase industrial dehumidifiers from China, you only need to look for factories in the three regions of Zhejiang, Guangdong, and Jiangsu.

And Yakeclimate, is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang.

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2、Key Points in Choosing Suppliers

Prioritize choosing suppliers with strong capabilities

When purchasing industrial equipment, the supplier’s research and development capabilities, production capacity, and quality control capabilities should be comprehensively evaluated. Generally speaking, choosing suppliers with larger production scales, successful cases, and good performance can minimize the occurrence of quality issues. If the supplier has its own industrial design and production team, rather than simple assembly, it is also worth considering.

Carefully inquire about the product’s certification status

Inquire whether the supplier’s product has passed international quality certification and what honors and awards it has received. These are important manifestations of product quality and company strength. Some large and strong suppliers may also obtain government qualification certifications, which indicates that their products have obtained national-level supervision and verification.

As industrial equipment, industrial dehumidifiers are subject to a series of international standards and certification qualifications to ensure their quality, safety, and environmental friendliness. Here are some common certification qualifications:

  1. CE certification: CE certification is the recognized mark of the European Union’s requirements for product safety and environmental protection. Through CE certification, industrial dehumidifiers demonstrate that they comply with the requirements of relevant European regulations and can freely enter the European market.
  2. UL certification: UL certification is the product safety certification standard in the United States, issued by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Through UL certification, industrial dehumidifiers can demonstrate their compliance with the safety requirements of the US market.
  3. CCC certification: CCC certification is China’s mandatory product certification system, applicable to products involving the Chinese market. If industrial dehumidifiers want to be sold in China, they need to obtain CCC certification to ensure that their products meet China’s safety and environmental standards.
  4. RoHS certification: RoHS certification is the abbreviation of the European Directive on the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment, mainly targeting hazardous substances in electronic and electrical products. If industrial dehumidifiers want to be sold in the European market, they need to meet the requirements of RoHS certification.
  5. ISO 9001 certification: ISO 9001 certification is the most widely applied quality management system certification worldwide. Through ISO 9001 certification, industrial dehumidifiers demonstrate that they have established a strict quality management system in their production and service processes, ensuring stable product quality and continuous improvement.

Consultation of Feedback from Other Buyers

Before selecting a supplier, it is advisable to consult with other manufacturers who have purchased similar industrial equipment to learn about their evaluations of the supplier. Neutral third-party evaluations can more comprehensively reflect information such as the supplier’s service attitude and product quality. You can also request that the supplier provide successful cases or arrange visits to other customer factories to indirectly understand product quality.

3、Procurement Process and Precautions

Develop Detailed Technical Specifications and Requirements in Advance

Based on the actual environment, space limitations, production capacity requirements of your own factory, clearly specify the specific technical specifications for industrial dehumidifiers, such as dehumidification capacity, dehumidification mode, energy consumption indicators, noise requirements, size dimensions, etc. Find suppliers and equipment models that can meet all technical specifications.

Compare Quotations from Different Suppliers

Request at least 2-3 suppliers to provide specific quotations based on technical specifications and negotiate prices. When comparing quotations, include other costs such as freight, installation, and commissioning. Choose a supplier with a reasonable price that fits the budget.

Visit Suppliers’ Factories in Person

If possible, personally visit the supplier’s production base to inspect its production process, quality management level, and on-site operational norms to ensure its ability to provide stable output equipment, and also verify the reasonableness of the quotation.

Yakeclimate Factory Look
Yakeclimate Factory Look

Verify Prototype and Conduct Testing

Before formal mass production, require the supplier to provide a prototype. Check the manufacturing process and quality control details of the prototype and perform actual testing based on your own usage environment to ensure that its indicators meet the requirements. After testing and confirming that there are no issues, proceed with the bulk order.

Clarify Payment Methods and Logistics Arrangements

Depending on the size of the purchase amount, payment can be made in installments, and installation, commissioning, and acceptance should be completed before the final payment. In addition, clarify transportation methods, insurance, and warehousing arrangements with the supplier to ensure the safety of the transportation process.

4、Subsequent Maintenance and Management

Establish Quality Feedback and After-Sales Communication Mechanisms

After using the equipment for a period of time, evaluate the equipment quality and performance and establish a feedback mechanism with the supplier. Also inquire about the supplier’s technical support and spare parts supply channels, and sign a service contract if necessary.

Regular Maintenance

Regularly inspect the equipment and replace vulnerable parts according to the operation manual to ensure that the machine is in the best working condition and avoid malfunctions that may affect normal production. If encountering special problems, remote or on-site technical support from the supplier can be obtained at any time.

In summary, to find a strong and quality-assured industrial dehumidifier supplier in China, it is important to strictly implement the review, comparison, and inspection procedures before delivery, and maintain good communication afterwards. This will enable you to obtain cost-effective industrial dehumidification equipment.

About Yakeclimate

Yakeclimate is a leading industrial dehumidifier manufacturer in China.We not only possess global certification qualifications such as CE, UL, CCC, RoHS, and ISO 9001, but also take pride in our patented designs. With years of technical accumulation and continuous innovation and development, we have made breakthrough progress in dehumidifier design, yielding fruitful results and providing users with an unparalleled experience.

100% customer satisfaction in every project

Our patented designs cover multiple aspects, including unique dehumidification technology, innovative energy-saving modes, and intelligent control systems. Our dehumidification technology not only efficiently and quickly reduces air humidity but also intelligently adjusts to automatic operation and greatly saves energy when the humidity reaches the set value. Our patented designs not only bring users a more convenient and efficient experience but also enhance the performance and reliability of the dehumidifier.

Yakeclimate’s OEM Cases

Product sharing

In addition to having proprietary patented designs and global certification qualifications, Yakeclimate dehumidifiers have also won the trust and cooperation of many international well-known brands such as Germany’s Trotec, Germany’s LIDL, Poland’s Mission Air, and the US’s Air Green with its excellent OEM services.

As a globally renowned industrial equipment supplier, Trotec has extremely high requirements for equipment quality and performance. With its superb manufacturing processes and outstanding product quality, Yakeclimate dehumidifiers successfully provided OEM services for Trotec, providing strong support for the expansion and market development of its rotary dehumidifier product line.

As a leading retail brand in Europe, LIDL has very strict requirements for suppliers. Yakeclimate dehumidifiers successfully provided customized OEM services for LIDL with its efficient production processes and high-quality service levels, helping LIDL maintain its leading position in the commercial dehumidifier market competition.

Poland’s Mission Air and the US’s Air Green, as regional leading dehumidifier brands, also chose to cooperate with Yakeclimate. Yakeclimate dehumidifiers not only provide professional OEM services but also work closely with partners to jointly explore innovation, continuously promote the progress of dehumidification technology, and achieve win-win cooperation.

About YAKE | Dehumidifier & Humidifiers Manufacturer
Yakeclimate&ANTIS,Our two own brands.

With its strong R&D team, advanced production equipment, and flexible and efficient production capacity, Yakeclimate dehumidifiers always meet the needs of partners with high-quality products and services. Cooperation with well-known global brands not only reflects Yakeclimate dehumidifiers’ strength and brand influence but also demonstrates our leading position in the dehumidifier industry. We will continue to adhere to a professional and pragmatic attitude, providing reliable OEM services to global partners with excellent quality and service, and work together to create a better future!

YAKE Climate | Dehumidifier & Humidifiers Manufacturer in China
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