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Post-flood Reconstruction

Usually, the flood can directly damage the building and its contained matters seriously and continuously. YAKE can help to rapidly remove the moisture in the air and enable customers to perfectly resolve the problems left by the flood or heavy rain.  

Greenhouse Planting

YAKE researched and manufactured the energy-conservative temperature/humidity control system dedicated for the use in greenhouses. We provide you with more proper and accurate humidity control, thus guaranteeing appropriate environment for plant growing.


Poultry Farming

The outdoor humidity varies all the time, but the conditions inside the poultry house must be maintained constantly and within the strictly specified range. That’s the prerequisite for the healthy growth of farm animals. In the agriculture and animal husbandry industry, YAKE provides cutting-edge technology,  reliable, well-performed, and outstanding logistics services, as well as first-class technical support in the industry.

Logistics Storage

By the highly efficient and accurate dehumidification feature, YAKE helps users create and maintain a constant storage environment, and puts the environmental conditions under control, so to protect various stored products perfectly, such as roll films, tapes, documents, books, and cultural relics, etc.


Sports Venue

Sports venues, such as sports stadiums, gyms, and fitness centers, are usually featured excessive humidity due to the crowded mass in small spaces. YAKE develops a kind of portable dehumidifier for such scenes, which can effectively reduce spatial humidity and keep comfortable and healthy indoor spaces.

Underground Parking Lot

Problems like damp floors and mold walls can be frequently seen in the underground parking lot due to geological conditions. This can easily result in unexpected accidents of personnel and vehicles. YAKE provides an overall dehumidification solution to guarantee the safe and smooth operation of the underground parking lot.


Scientific Research Lab

High-precision instruments in biological and medical labs have strict requirements on the air humidity inside the lab. To prolong the service life and maintain the precision performance of the instruments, YAKE develops a portable rotary dehumidifier, which can be used to control the overall temperature and humidity of the lab.

Oceangoing Ship

From ancient to modern times, successful navigators have had the same quality – the brave to take risks. In the air treatment industry nowadays, the development trend, market demand, and user’s specific requirements shall be integrated and used as the basis for making efficient and excellent products. YAKE’s success in the shipping industry originates from the unconstrained imagination and the original adventurous lab spirits


Offshore Wind Energy

Offshore wind energy is a mature and efficient energy solution at present. However, the wind turbines erected in the sea have to resist the corrosive salt fog and the sea waves caused by hurricanes. YAKE develops a dehumidification system dedicated to the nacelle of the offshore wind turbine, which is corrosion-resistant and efficient in dehumidification performance. This system has been deployed successfully in multiple offshore wind farms.

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