RYDZ-138DM – Ceiling Dehumidifier – 138L per 24hr refrigerant dehumidifier

The RYDZ-138DM, ideal for commercial environments. Efficiently controls humidity in offices, hotels, and large spaces, ensuring optimal air quality and comfort. With advanced technology, it operates silently and removes moisture, preventing mold and allergens. The ceiling-mounted design maximizes floor space and blends seamlessly with architecture. Customize settings with user-friendly controls for a comfortable atmosphere. Energy-efficient with intelligent sensors, it reduces operational costs. Hassle-free maintenance with removable air filters and automatic defrost. Enjoy a fresh, clean environment without compromising aesthetics or productivity.

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Product Details:

The RYDZ-138DM is an efficient and reliable solution designed specifically for commercial environments. With its powerful dehumidification capability, this dehumidifier can remove up to 138 liters of moisture per day, effectively reducing indoor humidity levels. Featuring advanced refrigeration technology and an efficient dehumidification system, the RYDZ-138DM ensures optimal humidity control within a shorter timeframe. Its precise humidity control system allows users to set their desired humidity level. Once the set humidity level is reached, the dehumidifier automatically switches to an energy-saving mode, maintaining a stable indoor humidity environment. It is equipped with multiple operation modes, including automatic dehumidification mode and ventilation mode. Users can choose the appropriate mode based on their specific needs and easily adjust the settings through the intelligent control system. The intuitive control panel and display screen provide real-time monitoring of current humidity levels and parameter settings. With its efficiency, reliability, and intelligent controls, the RYDZ-138DM Commercial Ceiling Dehumidifier is the ideal solution for your commercial dehumidification needs.


Key features

  • Automatic dehumidification mode
  • High efficiency dehumidification capacity with branded compressor
  • Intelligent controller panel & remote control
  • Strong copper motor with high air volume
  • Automatic drainage function
  • High durability metal shell
  • Timer on/off function
  • Ceiling installation saves floor space


Product specifications


Suitable for

  • Agriculture
  • Buildings and commercial spaces
  • Data centres and telecoms
  • Food and beverage
  • General industry and production
  • Leisure and recreation
  • Museum and gallery preservation
  • Pharmaceutical and scientific
  • Storage, preservation and archives
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